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KYC3: the smart solution for compliance, counterparty risk management and competitive intelligence

Instant Compliance Reports

Get certified Know Your Customer compliance reports on any person or company. Reports are delivered instantly and securly in PDF format as an auditable record of verification for your AML/CFT compliance.

Political and Country Risk Management

Instant compliance reports include PEP and Corruption Index results to quickly identify politically exposed persons and companies in high risk jurisdictions.

Explore Business Relationships

Instantly view networks of influence and ownership among companies and management. Identify your counterparty’s hidden interests and your competitor’s clients.

Big Data

Check against all official sources, such as OFAC SDN, HM Treasury Sanctions, UN Sanctions, EU Sanctions, published PEP lists, negative news and more.

KYC3.com is a revolutionary resource. We used to spend hours using search engines to review potential clients and sometimes used background screening companies that cost. Now we can manage the client onboarding process KYC quickly, with an audit trail, and the whole subscription costs less than we used to pay for a single report!

Robert Smith, Compliance Officer


KYC3 is a complete Customer, Counterparty and Competitive intelligence solution!

Instant KYC Reports + Regulatory Lists + Relationship Mapping + Full Search Index + Continuous Data Updates

KYC3 in action

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KYC3 helps you to be compliant and efficient. With the instant EDD reporting feature, you can easily get and stay compliant in your KYC.
KYC3’s search feature allows you to quickly find relevant facts about your customers and counterparties.
Intelligence Officers know the value of a good “link chart” – a wiring diagram showing who is connected to who. With KYC3’s relationship mapping, you can quickly assess the interests and connections of the people and companies you need to know about.
The KYC3 team has developed proprietary tools for the integration and analysis of your private data, such as e-mail and business documents. We are ready to deploy secure and private KYC3 servers in order to deliver extremely powerful data driven analysis in a simple to use format. Contact us for a quote.
  • “We have built a system that Knows Your Customer right and fast . Because if you don't have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?”